Chelsea FC Wins but are Chelsea supporters racists ???

May 22, 2007

Last weekend we Brits saw the FA Cup finals. Held at the new Wembley Stadium, the match was intense ..or whatever you thought of it .. Chelsea won…yeah !!! I started supporting Chelsea a year ago for 3 reasons…


1. They are from London as am I.

2. They were winning a lot so thought should support them

3. Got a real nice and big Chelsea Mug for me tea times.

4. I know the above 3 reasons are pretty lame…but hey what do you expect from an alien !!


But heres the burning question which I ask all my readers … As I saw Chelsea fans celebrate and I prepared to go for it too…my work mates and friends started saying, and I quote..” Chelsea supporters are chavs, Chelsea supporters are Racist mostly !” What the ….I thought a fan is one who loves his game and his team..but why is this being said…was it jealousy from opposing club fans and/or Man U fans ??? Is there any reality in this …Can anyone explain this ..I’m not a racist …I love the club still…Please help me ..I wait for the football Gods to answer…


19 Responses to “Chelsea FC Wins but are Chelsea supporters racists ???”

  1. Himanish said

    Really big fan of CHELSEA FC. You will not find any bigger fan than me.

  2. Tom Edwards said

    No we r not racist we just hate Tottenham and also I am a bigger fan than Himanish because Chelsea is my life. My first game Chelsea drew 1- 1 with Barnet.

  3. MICHAEL G* said

    i have supported the blues all my life and i can honestly say as a proud supporter that Chelsea aren’t racist. as tom said we hate spurs and now many other clubs *coughs* UNITED but we are not racist to Chelsea or any opposition


  4. kayode piper said

    the blues are indeed strong

  5. Pat Murphy said

    What? Thats rubbish! John Terry is a big supporter of the “Show Racism the Red Card” program, and I would imagine most Blues fans agree. We’re not racist, but, yeah, we do really hate the Spurs and Man U.

  6. Diego said

    It will be a shame for them to be racists, I love Chelsea FC and I’m from Costa Rica (… that’s somewhere in Latin America…)

  7. peter said

    chelsea r racist. my black mate went to watch wycombe v chelsea last season and he lasted approx 60secs in the ground. he was confronted by chelsea supporter cos of the colour of his skin so he just left the game. Chelski r thugs and always will be. just look at how many black players r playing for them.

  8. adaaaa said

    I never once thought Chelsea fans were racists. Because if we were, I’d be one too! Well, which club doesn’t detest the other?

    Right now, Chelsea has lost Mourinho and we can only hope for the best in the match against Manchester United. Go Blues! (:

  9. bEN said

    We are Not Racists , I’ve supported Chelsea all my life , we just hate the odd bit of Tottenham or the jealous Man United , , i go to many games and i have never heard any racism from us blues!
    West ham are more racist us as they had that chant ”I’d Rather be a P*KI THAN A YID”
    SO how can anyone call Chelsea Fans Racist.
    Its Just a Long Phase of Jealousy from Other Teams.

  10. tipsyman said

    Chelsea is the most wonderful team i’v ever joined. was am arsenal fan but wasn’t very satisfied with what they give. Man U is ruled out cos they are racist team and i cant join them cos i don’t love them. WOW! WHICH TEAM COULD BE LIKE US? C F C. THE BLUES 4 LIFE

  11. ali said

    chelsea are the best team in the world and i will not accept us biang called rascits its just one of those cheap teams like MAN U who want take revenge 4 us bieng better than them and i have been with chelsea since i was a mere lad and i will not accept bieng called a racsist

  12. Bob Davis said

    No we are not but we abuse the Spurs but thats an old rivalry. I am not racist. We have black players and they are fantastic, particularly drogs and Essien

  13. jez said

    I’m a chelsea fan and we have the 2nd most racist fans in england after millwall. Obviously the club itself is far from racist but the a massive contigent of fans are full on racists.

  14. Dan said

    I was born in India!
    settled in UK…I’ve been a true blue ALL MY LIFE and not 1ce has any Chelsea supporter said anything to me or given anykinnna look…but maybe tottenham supps…

  15. Gloria said

    Read Paul Canoville’s autobiography to learn just how awful some Chelsea fans were in the eighties. The National front recruited many fans and they would scream racist abuse at our own players. I stopped going to matches even though I had supported them since the sixties. The fact that there is very little racism in Stamford bridge now shows how this sort of behaivior is no longer tolerated. Many of us dislike Avram Grant but that is not because he is Jewish. Racism was beaton by black players people like Canoville, Anderson and Cunningham. Real supporters love any player who does well for the club. racist attitudes are still there but overt racist behaivior is not seen in premier league grounds.

  16. Carl said

    As a person of colour I object to other fans calling Chelsea racist. I have been going quite regularly to matches since the early 90s and can say some of the favourite players are African, Essien say, and even Kalou, who makes lots of mistakes and misses (not a favourite of mine) is very well backed in the stands. This man Peter saying about his friend “lasting 60 seconds” I think is just lying and trying to make trouble for the Blues – it happens a lot with ignorant and unhelpful people.

  17. tuna said

    I support toons and I did not see any chelsea suppoters’ racist manner during the matches. If you would like to find any racist, you should glance to millwall fans..

  18. Joy said

    The club itself is not racist. Back int he 80’s the club was getting a lot of support from members of the National Front. They are a racist organization. A lot of those people still follow Chelsea and for that reason, they are associated with racism.

  19. I am from Jamaica…yes a little black country in the caribbean…and I do not care what anyone want to say about Chelsea…am not gonna stop supporting them…how can we be racist if there are so many blacks on the team? Why the fans never boo when one of our black (or another nationality from their own) players when they make a mistake.

    Jon Obi Mikel missed the penalty and we got kicked out of the Carling Cup…ummm did anyone hear any boo? Thought so!

    Blues I say! Blues for LIFE!!!

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