London is hosting the 2012 Olympics. Its a great boost for a city already on its way to a better future. Few days ago the 2012 Olympic logo was released to the British public. Response … I wouldn’t say shocking but It sure takes a few moments to understand it. It a bit modern-ish, 80-ish but before you decide to love or hate it, mind you that until you’ve seen it animated, you cant decide fully its fate. I’m personally OK with it but don’t like the promo video and colours used in it.Some facts about the logo. It cost £400,000 ($800,000) to design. Its been approved by the IOC. Is expected to help raise £2 Billion for the London Olympic committee through sponsorships and merchandise sales. Opposition towards the logo can be judged by the response to an online poll. 30,000 people signed, registering their dislike for the logo. Big number, I know. Another big blow for the logo was its use in the above video. It was reported that the flashing colours had caused epileptic seizures.
The debate is on and the fate of the logo is to be decided in the coming weeks. What do you say about this. The 2008 Beijing Olympics Logo and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics were also criticised. Should this logo be changed or is it the beginning of a new era for Olympic Logo design. Would love to hear from you folks.

Alien Londoner