Last weekend we Brits saw the FA Cup finals. Held at the new Wembley Stadium, the match was intense ..or whatever you thought of it .. Chelsea won…yeah !!! I started supporting Chelsea a year ago for 3 reasons…


1. They are from London as am I.

2. They were winning a lot so thought should support them

3. Got a real nice and big Chelsea Mug for me tea times.

4. I know the above 3 reasons are pretty lame…but hey what do you expect from an alien !!


But heres the burning question which I ask all my readers … As I saw Chelsea fans celebrate and I prepared to go for it too…my work mates and friends started saying, and I quote..” Chelsea supporters are chavs, Chelsea supporters are Racist mostly !” What the ….I thought a fan is one who loves his game and his team..but why is this being said…was it jealousy from opposing club fans and/or Man U fans ??? Is there any reality in this …Can anyone explain this ..I’m not a racist …I love the club still…Please help me ..I wait for the football Gods to answer…