London Underground LogoLondon Underground or the Tube, as we call it, is a mini sampling of what London and Londoners are all about. Unlike many other cities..I havent personally been to many … the journey on the Tube is very quiet here. A few people on the train or jammed packed, its always very quiet. People busy reading their books, listening to their iPods, playing their DS or PSP, staring onto the darkness of the tunnel or simply dozing off.

I love these portable consoles DS and PSP. I wont go into the never ending war of which is better. Interesting thing I saw which made me write this is…Big city bankers, Corporate heads, grown up men of power and money…bashing away on their Sony PSP playing Pro Evo or Mario Brothers or Brain Training on their Nintendo DS. From a distance you can see their inner child come out and play like they never stopped. As soon as their journey ends they transform back to their normal and sometimes boring selves.

I Love the Nintendo DS though, If you wanted to know what Aliens in London play on.


Last weekend we Brits saw the FA Cup finals. Held at the new Wembley Stadium, the match was intense ..or whatever you thought of it .. Chelsea won…yeah !!! I started supporting Chelsea a year ago for 3 reasons…


1. They are from London as am I.

2. They were winning a lot so thought should support them

3. Got a real nice and big Chelsea Mug for me tea times.

4. I know the above 3 reasons are pretty lame…but hey what do you expect from an alien !!


But heres the burning question which I ask all my readers … As I saw Chelsea fans celebrate and I prepared to go for it too…my work mates and friends started saying, and I quote..” Chelsea supporters are chavs, Chelsea supporters are Racist mostly !” What the ….I thought a fan is one who loves his game and his team..but why is this being said…was it jealousy from opposing club fans and/or Man U fans ??? Is there any reality in this …Can anyone explain this ..I’m not a racist …I love the club still…Please help me ..I wait for the football Gods to answer…